First In Wins!

Do you hate losing deals to vendors who got there before you?

Then you've come to the right place.

Research shows the first in wins the sale up to 74% of the time.

When you are first in not only are you 5 times more likely to win the sale you're also 5 times more likely to get a loyal, highly profitable customer that to gives you testimonials and referrals.

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One day while reflecting on my six, seven, and eight-figure wins I discovered the secret to my success was being first in with decision makers who recently experienced a Trigger Event and were now dissatisfied with the status quo.

Since then my deep understanding of those Trigger Events has resulted in the creation of Trigger Event Selling™.

Today I speak, advise, and mentor on how to TURN MORE PROSPECTS INTO LOYAL CUSTOMERS by harnessing Trigger Events to repeatedly be first in with those decision makers who are up to 10 times more likely to switch vendors.

When you hire me to work with you, your sales team, or your channel partners, I promise to deliver unique compelling, and highly relevant insights


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Three simple ways to benefit from Trigger Event Selling


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