The Best Way to Become A Prospects #1 Choice

This is #14 in a series of what was originally going to be my 15 top sales tactics ? I?ve added two more since then, so we have three more to go after this one.  In my previous blog post on this topic- I shared how BUMPING can be one of the best ways to become a decision maker?s preferred vendor ? what I call the Emotional Favorite ? or Emotional Read More

Two Ways to Become The Preferred Vendor

In my last blog post on my  15 Best Sales Tactics, series I promised to share how you can become a decision-makers #1 choice This blog post shares the first of the 2 best ways I?ve found to maximize your relationships with decision-makers and make it most likely you become their #1 choice:   I?m fascinated by the fact that when salespeople win a sale they Read More

How to Steal Customers from Your Competition

This is the 12th post in my series of top 15 sales tactics.   When you talk to a decision-maker who is the buying mode of Status Quo – happy with their current vendor and not looking to change any time soon ? they?ll often say something like:  ?We?re all set?  ?I?m not interested?  ?We?re happy with our current vendor?  Just because someone says a variation of ?no? or ?I?m not interested? it doesn?t mean they?ll never buy from you. It Read More

The 3 Best Times to Re-Engage A Lead

This is #11 in a series of blog posts on my 15 most effective sales tactics. If you’re not interested in the two biggest mistakes companies make with inbound leads then skip to the next part of this blog post on the three best times to re-engage and inbound lead. The Two Biggest Inbound Lead Read More

The 3 Best Questions To Ask Inbound Leads

This is number 10 in a series of blog posts on my?15 most effective sales tactics. In my last blog post, I promised to reveal the three best questions to ask an inbound lead. Ask the wrong questions and you?ll either miss hot prospects or spend a ton of effort on those who don’t? buy Read More

4 Ways To Prevent Stalled Deals

This is the ninth in a series of blog posts on my?15 most effective sales tactics. In my last blog post, I promised to reveal how you can stop decision-makers from sharing your ideas with their current provider. This strategy is also one of the four ways to prevent stalled deals. I define a stalled Read More

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