Back on track…finally!

After spending several weeks trying to make a certain forum system work with Windows Live Writer or ecto I finally gave up and had my technical expert Mark Edwards replace the forum system. Thanks to Mark I can now use an offline blogging tool to generate blog posts while I am offline, publish … [Read more...]


This page contains links to some of the articles I have written. How to Sell More by Being a Buyer's Emotional Favorite This is the article that started it all. It's an article on how to be the sales person a buyer is most likely to buy from. You will find this article at the URL … [Read more...]


As the creators of Trigger Event Selling™ we advise, train, and speak on how to leverage trigger events to turn prospects into customers. Our promise is the delivery of unique, compelling, and highly relevant expertise that clearly demonstrates how to: Identify the Trigger Events that create … [Read more...]


"Using Craig's strategies we have grown the business by more than 50% from the previous year." Donato Polignone, MSDS a Division of NuGeneration Technologies - Rohnert Park, California "We gained equipment sales almost immediately after we applied Craig's strategies." Rodd Stubbs, Owner, … [Read more...]

Window of Dissatisfaction™

The first chapter of  SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS is about a powerful selling window called the Window of Dissatisfaction™ (aka Window of Discontent). Complete the form at the very bottom of this page to download the full-sized version of the … [Read more...]