$1,500 Winner and Compelling Events

Congratulations to Iain Beveridge of All Phase Communications the winner of $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services. Iain's name was drawn from the over 700 people who registered for this weeks webinar - Trigger Events: The Silver Bullet in Sales - that featured Craig Elias and Frank Filippo and was … [Read more...]

The #3 Mistake Sales People Make & Free Webinar

The number three mistake sales people make is they ask for, and get, the wrong referrals - referrals to those who are still in the buying mode of Status Quo - when prospects perceive that the product or service from their current supplier meets or exceeds their needs and are unlikely to become your … [Read more...]

$1,500 Winner and Free Trigger Event Webinar

Congratulations to the winner of $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services - Artem Brazgovsky. Artem won when his answer to the question related to the #4 Mistake Sales People Make received the most votes. Take a look at the post as over 20 different people provided insights and ideas on how to become … [Read more...]

Trigger Events And Selective Perception

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you buy a new car you see it all over the road? When women get pregnant, suddenly they start seeing other pregnant women everywhere. When couples give birth of to their first child, they stop noticing pregnant women and now start seeing babies around every … [Read more...]