#4 ZMOT Selling Strategy, 65% Close Rate, and The Best Sales 2.0 Tools

Buying Mode Circle - 130127

This blog post is about three things: The #4 ZMOT Selling strategy How to get a 65% win ratio The best sales 2.0 tools and how to use them #4 ZMOT Selling Strategy In my last three blog posts I shared ZMOT Selling Strategies: #7 - How to create content that resonates with the … [Read more...]

#6 ZMOT Selling Strategy, Cold Calling, & FatStax


This blog post is about three things: The #6 ZMOT Selling strategy How Cold Calling TRIGGERS THE BIGGEST SALES FatStax - Show, Send, Sell #6 ZMOT Selling Strategy In my last blog post I shared the #7 ZMOT Selling Strategy - How to create content that is found by and resonates with … [Read more...]

Top Sales Book of 2010 & Dreamforce

Top Sales Book of 2010 UPDATE: December 16, 2010 - SHiFT! Wins the Bronze Medal behind industry heavyweights Art Sobczak - Art discusses my Trigger Event Selling™ expertise and the Won Sales Analysis™ worksheet starting on page 40 of his book Smart Calling - and Jill Konrath - Jill has 8 pages … [Read more...]

Book Giveaway, $1500, & Top 2 Articles

This blog post has three items: Trigger Event book giveaway at Dreamforce This month's winner of $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Selling services Two articles I think are worth reading Trigger Event Book Giveaway InfoGroup is giving away copies of my book SHiFT! at Dreamforce '10 - San … [Read more...]

Strategic Calling & Trigger Event Selling™

For only $197US you can download the workbook and recording from the one-hour teleseminar, hosted by Jill Konrath, where all seven components of the Trigger Event Selling™ system are explained by Craig Elias - the creator of Trigger Event Selling™. "Craig presented his Trigger Event Selling program … [Read more...]