Smarketing, Sales 2.0, & Golden Sales Strategies

This blog post is about three things: Smarketing strategy #1 A new sales 2.0 tool called IKO-System Golden Sales Strategies of Top Performers Smarketing Strategy #1 In my last blog post I talked about sharing a list of the top seven sales and marketing alignment (Smarketing) strategies and using a modified version of the Situation, Target, Plan (STP) Read More

2,500 People, #infoshift & TriggerBuzz

This blog post is about three things: Today’s webinar for over 2,500 people Dreamforce 2010 & #infoshift Trigger Buzz #4 – Tonight @ 9:00 Eastern Webinar Join the  3,000 people who have already registered for today’s webinar “3 Ways to Get the Customers You Want by Using LinkedIn.” Craig Elias (LinkedIn user 3,956) and Scott Read More

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