The #1 Mistake Sales People Make

The number one mistake sales people make is… they make it too hard to become a customer. Think of all the sales opportunities that started out strong only to have the prospect decide to stay with their current supplier. The #1 reason they stayed with their current supplier is: it was not worth the effort Read More

The #2 Mistake Sales People Make

The number two mistake sales people make is that, even when they get in front of highly motivated decision makers at EXACTLY the right time, they lose the sale because they fail to understand the decision maker placed them in the red zone of the credibility curve – below. When prospects believe the risk of Read More

The #4 Mistake Sales People Make

The number four mistake sales people make is believing that sales are won based upon on logic – like return on investment (ROI) calculations – not emotion. The first seller a decision maker contacts, after they experience a Trigger Event that makes them a highly motivated buyer, is five times more likely to win the Read More

The #5 Mistake Sales People Make

The #5 mistake I see sales people and entrepreneurs make is either not analyzing their sales or doing a ‘Lost Sales Analysis’ INSTEAD OF conducting a ‘Won Sales Analysis’. Here is something I find interesting. If you use Google to search for the term sales analysis – by using quotes around the words “sales analysis” Read More

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