Book Giveaway, $1500, & Top 2 Articles

This blog post has three items: Trigger Event book giveaway at Dreamforce This month’s winner of $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Selling services Two articles I think are worth reading Trigger Event Book Giveaway InfoGroup is giving away copies of my book SHiFT! at Dreamforce ’10 – San Francisco December 6th– 9th. They are being Read More

Introduction To The Book

Download the preview chapters of the award-winning book on Trigger Event Selling™ titled SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS. Once upon a time there was a cubicle. It might have been the one next to yours. A salesperson showed up for work one day, entered his cubicle, and found a magic lamp Read More

The Trigger Event Selling™ Book

Every single day thousands of decision makers experience Trigger Events that turn them into highly motivated buyers. When you are the first viable vendor to reach these highly motivated decision makers your odds of making the sale are upwards of 74%. By luck or sheer numbers you’ve had timing happen before, we can show you how to Read More

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