Smarketing, Sales 2.0, & Golden Sales Strategies

This blog post is about three things: Smarketing strategy #1 A new sales 2.0 tool called IKO-System Golden Sales Strategies of Top Performers Smarketing Strategy #1 In my last blog post I talked about sharing a list of the top […]

Top Sales Book of 2010 & Dreamforce

Top Sales Book of 2010 UPDATE: December 16, 2010 – SHiFT! Wins the Bronze Medal behind industry heavyweights Art Sobczak – Art discusses my Trigger Event Selling™ expertise and the Won Sales Analysis™ worksheet starting on page 40 of his book Smart […]

Top Secrets Revealed

Tibor Shanto and I will be revealing the secrets of Trigger Event Sellingâ„¢ during a three part no-charge webinar series. Why three webinars you ask? We are doing three webinars so: You can consume more content without feeling like you […]

Proof There’s A Silver Bullet In Sales

Update: The link to the recording and the handout for this webinar “Timing: The Silver Bullet in Sales” will be emailed to you when you download the ‘Won Sales Analysis” template and instructions. Join 1,000+ entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sales […]

Strategic Calling & Trigger Event Selling™

We have all been conditioned to believe that is sales there is no such thing as a silver bullet. I can tell you that there is. It is called timing – Strategically calling the right buyer at EXACTLY the right time! For […]

How to Find the ‘Trigger Events’ For What You Sell

In previous posts – Back on Track … Finally! & What’s The Big Deal About Trigger Events – I described how to increase close ratios, shorten sales cycles, and increase margins by getting to buyers when they are in the […]