#1 Way To Sell More Using Social Media

This is my last post in a series on the Top Seven Ways to Sell More by Using Social Media. Remember, the person with the most popular answer to my question at the bottom of this blog post wins $1,500 […]

#4 Way To Sell More Using Social Media

One of the keys to selling is reaching decision makers when they are most likely to be influenced: Influenced on what is the best solution to their problem – not who is the best supplier. Solutions are all the different […]

McKinsey, Eliot, and the Funnelholic

In case you missed it, McKinsey & Co.’s recent research of 20,000 people, in the three geographical regions, and five major industries, on the customer decision journey identified that Trigger Events are the first step in a making a purchase […]

The #1 Mistake Sales People Make

The number one mistake sales people make is… they make it too hard to become a customer. Think of all the sales opportunities that started out strong only to have the prospect decide to stay with their current supplier. The […]

$1,500 Winner and Free Trigger Event Webinar

Congratulations to the winner of $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services – Ken @ IProLive in Australia. Ken won when his answer to the question about the #3 Mistake Sales People Make received the most votes. Stay tuned next week […]

The #3 Mistake Sales People Make & Free Webinar

The number three mistake sales people make is they ask for, and get, the wrong referrals – referrals to those who are still in the buying mode of Status Quo – when prospects perceive that the product or service from […]