#4 ZMOT Selling Strategy, 65% Close Rate, and The Best Sales 2.0 Tools

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This blog post is about three things: The #4 ZMOT Selling strategy How to get a 65% win ratio The best sales 2.0 tools and how to use them #4 ZMOT Selling Strategy In my last three blog posts I shared ZMOT Selling Strategies: #7 - How to create content that resonates with the … [Read more...]

Smarketing Strategy #3 & Content That Sells


This blog post is about three things: Smarketing strategy #3 Content that captures the best prospects How to SELL WITHOUT DISCOUNTING Smarketing Strategy #3 In my last blog post I shared Smarketing Strategy #2 : Using a Won Sales Analysis™ - to identify what made you win your best … [Read more...]

The 4 Best Sales Resources & 2 Webinar Links

This blog post is about three things: The 4 best sales resources: Fillers, Movers, Shakers & Starters Two Webinar Links: Ivana Taylor & Keith Ferrazzi Trigger Buzz #11: Tonight: Sales and marketing alignment The 4 Best Sales Resources In my last blog post I asked the question … [Read more...]

#4 Sales 2.0 Tool

This blog post is about three things: The #4 Sales 2.0 Tool - Lattice Engines The next two webinars - First one on January 25th Trigger Buzz #6 - Tonight: Customer retention In my last blog post I gave what I think are the top 3 questions to ask a prospect when they complete a web form. … [Read more...]

The 3 Best Questions To Ask A Prospect

This blog post contains 3 items: Form fill follow-up strategies - The three best questions to ask 2011 webinar schedule - One every month of 2011 Trigger Buzz #6 - Tuesday January 4th  @ 6:00PM Pacific Form Fill Follow-up Strategies Since no one won the $1,500 prize by providing … [Read more...]