Smarketing Strategy #2 & Selling to Executives


This blog post is about three things: Smarketing strategy #2 How decision makers buy How to shorten your sales cycle Smarketing Strategy #2 The second step in my seven step Smarketing (Sales & Marketing Alignment) strategy is to understand what makes you win. In my last blog … [Read more...]

4 Winning Questions & Keith Ferrazzi

This blog post is about three things: The four best winning questions My webinar with Keith Ferrazzi Trigger Buzz#9: Tonight @ 6:00PM PST - Closing 4 Winning Questions In my last blog post I introduced what I thought was the #3 Sales 2.0 tool (Survey Analytics) and asked what kind of … [Read more...]

Top Sales Book of 2010 & Dreamforce

Top Sales Book of 2010 UPDATE: December 16, 2010 - SHiFT! Wins the Bronze Medal behind industry heavyweights Art Sobczak - Art discusses my Trigger Event Selling™ expertise and the Won Sales Analysis™ worksheet starting on page 40 of his book Smart Calling - and Jill Konrath - Jill has 8 pages … [Read more...]

#7 Way to Sell More Using Social Media


The single most important factor to consider in using social media to sell more is to make sure your social media efforts are reaching your primary target market. I say this because even the wrong activities focused on the right people are 10 times more effective than the right activities focused … [Read more...]