This page contains links to some of the articles I have written.

How to Sell More by Being a Buyer’s Emotional Favorite

This is the article that started it all. It’s an article on how to be the sales person a buyer is most likely to buy from. You will find this article at the URL

How to be First With Motivated Buyers

Over a coffee, I happened to mention to the editor of Corporate Training Monthly that my expertise helps companies and sales people sell more, sooner, and at a higher price by being first with motivated buyers who recently experienced a trigger event. As a result I was asked to provide an article that would kick off their sales training series. From this request came the article “How to be First with Motivated Buyers”. You will find an updated version of this article at the URL

Is There a Silver Bullet in Sales

We have all been conditioned to believe there is no such thing as a silver bullet in sales. I can tell you there is. It is called timing: Getting in front of the right buyer at EXACTLY the right time. This article shares how to make timing happen and is only available by request.

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