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For years you’ve been told that there is no silver bullet in sales. But there is. It is called timing – getting in front of the right person at EXACTLY the right time.
When you have the right timing, the sale almost closes itself – you have fewer challenges getting to the decision maker, understanding their dissatisfaction, presenting a solution, or selling at a much higher price.
This sixty minute webinar will show you the secrets of getting to decision makers at EXACTLY the right time by capitalizing on Trigger Events.
Every single day, decision makers experience Trigger Events that turn them into highly motivated buyers. You’ll increase your close ratio and shorten your sales cycles when you capitalize on these Trigger Events to get in front of these recently motivated decision makers before your competition.
In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the three different types of Trigger Events
  • Understand which prospects have experienced Trigger Events
  • Discover which Trigger Events result in the shortest sales cycles
  • Recognize which prospects will experience Trigger Events in the near future
  • Master repeatedly getting in front of highly motivated buyers at EXACTLY the right time.
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