Download the preview chapters of the award-winning book on Trigger Event Selling titled SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS.

Once upon a time, there was a cubicle. It might have been the one next to yours.

A salesperson showed up for work one day, entered his cubicle, and found a magic lamp that he knew for sure had not been there the day before. There was an intriguing handwritten message on a Post-It Note affixed to the lamp: RUB ME.

The salesperson rubbed the lamp briskly and watched in amazement as a Genie appeared. The Genie swirled around in a haze of purple and green smoke, and then asked, “WHAT IS YOUR COMMAND ”

The salesperson thought for a moment and then said, “I want to be the world’s best prospector. ” The Genie nodded in obedience and granted the wish; ten years later, the salesperson retired.

Eventually, a new salesperson inherited the cubicle. This second salesperson also found the lamp, saw the note, rubbed the lamp briskly, and watched in awe as the Genie materialized and orbited in gusts around the room. “WHAT IS YOUR COMMAND ” asked the Genie.

The second salesperson gave this some thought, and then said, “I want to be the world’s best closer.” The Genie again nodded and granted the wish; five years later, the salesperson retired.

A third salesperson inherited the cubicle, and that salesperson also encountered the lamp, read the note, and followed its instructions. The Genie materialized, circled the room, hovered in front of him, and asked, “WHAT IS YOUR COMMAND ”

Instantly, the third salesperson replied, “I want to reach every prospect at exactly the right time!

The Genie smiled, nodded, and vanished. That afternoon, the third salesperson initiated. and one week later closed the biggest deal in his company’s history. He kept closing huge deals for weeks and months on end, shattering all records at his company. He retired within twelve months of his encounter with the Genie.

Moral: In sales, timing is everything!

Can you remember the last time you were in front of a highly motivated decision maker at ‘exactly the right time’ and the sale almost happened by itself Was your skill set better than it normally is when you closed that deal Or was your timing better

What if there were a process that allowed you to repeatedly get in front of the right decision makers at exactly the right time What if you could spend most of your time talking to people who are five times more likely to buy from you than people you’re probably talking to now

This is what SHIFT! is all about. It’s a groundbreaking way to look at selling. It is about mastering the art and science of timing. It’s about SHIFTing your attention from things like prospecting and closing to things like the Trigger Events that make it more likely that someone will be highly motivated to buy from you.

SHIFT! is a result of years of real-world experience that will help you to deal with one of the key underpinnings of success in B2B sales: timing. Everyone acknowledges that if they could improve their ability to connect with the right decision maker at the exactly the right time, their results would drastically improve.

SHIFT! gives you exactly that – the power to harness timing, the power to anticipate timing, and the power to increase your closing ratio while reducing the time it takes to close a sale. Unlike the story of the Genie, there is no magic in this book (unless you count the increase in sales you will experience as magical). What you’ll find is a clearly laid out roadmap to things you can do to improve your timing and improve your ability to get ahead of predictable events so that you can leverage them by being there first.

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