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To be truly successful at selling you need timing – to be the first person motivated buyers talk to after they experience a Trigger Event.

There are three simple ways to get timing:

  1. Sheer numbers call enough buyers and you ll find those who recently experienced a Trigger Event
  2. Trigger Event Referrals those ‘in the know’ tell you a buyer recently experienced a Trigger Event
  3. You become a buyer s Emotional Favourite buyers who recently experienced a Trigger Event call you first

One of the best ways to have timing is to become a buyer’s Emotional Favorite and have them call you first when they experience a Trigger Event.

Selling goes beyond communicating the value of your products and services. Selling is also about communicating the value of doing business with you. It is about connecting with buyers and becoming their Emotional Favorite aka Go To person.

It used to be that people bought from those they like, and trust – sometimes called their trusted advisor. To be truly successful in sales today, you need to go one step further and connect with buyers on an emotional level and become the person the buyer knows, likes, trusts and wants to see succeed their Emotional Favourite.

The Emotional Favourite is the first person a buyer calls, regardless of what they need. Think about the last time you purchased a product or service. When you picked up the phone, did you call the person who helped you in the past The person who adds value to your business or your career every time you ask for their assistance Chances are you did. The fact of the matter is most people do.

Three ways to benefit from the Emotional Favorite:

  1. Read our posts related to the Emotional Favorite
  2. Read the page on how to get Trigger Event Referrals by becoming the Emotional Favorite of ‘those in the know’ when Trigger Events happen
  3. Learn the secrets of Trigger Event Selling

Contact me when you want to learn simple strategies that will help you become a buyers Emotional Favorite.

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