Jigsaw is an online directory of over 16 million business cards. Each business card in Jigsaw has an email address and a phone number, allowing users to bypass gatekeepers and get directly to decision makers and influencers.

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One of the REALLY cool features of JigSaw is that you can save your searches and be notified via email when the search results change.

Saved Search Feature

When you do a search and want to be informed when the results change you simply save the search and you’ll be notified via email (daily or weekly) when the results change. For example: Let’s say you’re trying to get into Hewlett Packard and you want to target VPs, Senior VPs, and Executive VPs who recently got promoted or transferred.

Do a people search on JigSaw for those employed by Hewlett Packard and have “Vice President” in their title and you’ll get around 700 results. Now if you save that search, next week you’ll receive an email that has a list of the Hewlett Packard employees with “Vice President” in their title that recently had experienced the Trigger Event of a change in title, location, responsibility, or authority and are at least five times more likely to be interested in your product or service.

Open Data Initiative

One of the other REALLY cool features is that with their new open data initiative you can download complete and accurate company records in seconds, at no charge.

Below are some popular searches to get you started:

See the complete list of saved searches.

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