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Winner of the Bronze Medal in the Top Sales Books of 2010 Awards, “SHiFT! Harness the Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS” describes in detail how to sell more, sell sooner and sell at a higher prices simply by harnessing Trigger Events to get in front of highly motivated decision makers at EXACTLY the right time.

Every single day thousands of decision makers experience Trigger Events that turn them into highly motivated buyers. Get in front of these highly motivated decision maker just after they experience a Trigger Event and the sale almost happens by itself – No challenges getting to them, understanding their dissatisfaction, presenting a solution, or closing the sale.

When you harness Trigger Events you get the best customers – Highly appreciative, loyal, customers who represent 80% of your profits, gladly act as a reference, and give you the most treasured thing in sales; timely referrals. Even with your existing people, processes, and infrastructure, you can vastly improve your sales effectiveness, simply by harnessing Trigger Events to get in front of the right people at EXACTLY the right time.

Written by Craig Elias – the creator of Trigger Event Selling – and Tibor Shanto – a brilliant sales tactician – this book shows you how to:

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