The #4 Mistake Sales People Make

The number four mistake sales people make is believing that sales are won based upon on logic – like return on investment (ROI) calculations – not emotion. The first seller a decision maker contacts, after they experience a Trigger Event that makes them a highly motivated buyer, is five times more likely to win the Read More

$1,500 in FREE Training and Selling With Emotion

Congratulations to Bill Morgan of Segula Technologies. He won $1,500 worth of free Trigger Event sales training by having the most votes for his answer to my question related to the #6 mistake sales people make. Next week I will post the #5 mistake sales people make and award another $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Read More

Emotional Favorite™

One of the best ways to have timing and win the sale is to become a decision maker’s Emotional Favorite. The Emotional Favorite -aka ‘Go To’ person – is the first person a decision maker calls, when they experience a Trigger Event, and the person they share the most important information with. Think about the last time you Read More

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