One way to get in front of recently motivated buyers, after they experience a Trigger Event but before they contact their Emotional Favorite – aka go to’ person – is to have those in the know to tell you when Trigger Events happen.

Every day industry influencers learn of buyers who experience the Trigger Events you identified in your Won Sales Analysis. When you become the Emotional Favorite of these industry influencers they tell you about these events before your competition.

By having those ‘in the know’ tell you when Trigger Events happen you get in front of highly motivated buyers while they are still in the Window of Dissatisfaction and have not started Searching For Alternatives or called their Emotional Favorite yet.

Your best sources of referrals are:

  • Those who already have as customers those you want as customers,
  • Those who sell complementary products or services, and
  • Your competition – not your competitors… your competition

Three actions you can take to benefit from Trigger Event Referrals:

  1. Read our posts related to Trigger Event Referrals
  2. Read the page on how to close more sales by using First Call Effectiveness
  3. Learn the secrets of Trigger Event Selling

Contact me when you want to learn simple strategies that will help you identify your best sources of Trigger Event Referrals.