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Close More Sales by ‘Seeing’ the Window of Dissatisfaction

Research shows that you are five times more likely to close a sale when you have the right timing – getting in front of the right buyer at EXACTLY the right time.
To get the right timing you need to understand, be able to identify, and know how to capitalize on, a unique selling window called the Window of Dissatisfaction. A past customer J. Harding went from closing one in twenty sales to closing two out of three by using the content from this webinar.

After this webinar you will:

  • ‘See’ motivated buyers before your competition
  • Understand a simple timing strategy for every buyer you meet
  • Discover exactly which prospects are most likely to buy from you
  • Recognize how a buyer’s perception of what you offer changes over time
  • Master applying the most effective timing strategy at EXACTLY the right time
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