The second chapter of SHiFT! is about the Trigger Events events that motivate decision makers to want what you sell.

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Every single day thousands of decision makers experience a Trigger Event that turn them into highly motivated buyers who are in the Window of Dissatisfaction™.

Trigger Events, that shift decision makers from someone who never would have bought from you yesterday into someone who is highly likely to buy from you today, fall into one of three different categories:

  1. Bad Experience: The decision maker has a bad experience with a product/service, with people, or with a provider. For instance, there may have been a product/service change that creates dissatisfaction.
  2. Change / Transition: The decision maker has a change or transition in people, places, or priorities. For instance, there may have been a change in the decision maker at an account.
  3. Awareness: The decision maker becomes aware of the need to change for legal, risk-avoidance, or economic reasons. For instance: They may have a new understanding that buying from someone like you is less risky than continuing to buy their existing solution from someone else.

Four ways you can benefit from Trigger Events

  1. Learn how to do a Won Sales Analysis
  2. Read our posts related to Trigger Events
  3. Download the preview chapters of SHiFT!
  4. Master the secrets of Trigger Event Selling

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