You may have noticed that I missed posting the winner of December’s $4,500 worth of prizes, which was scheduled for the last Tuesday of December, and my first post of 2010, which was scheduled for the first Tuesday of January.

Since getting my Trigger Event Book finished on time took me off my regular schedule, I will get back on my first and last Tuesday of each month schedule by:

  • Posting December’s prize winner (there was only on person who submitted an idea on how to use a social media group to sell more so the second prize of $1,500 will be added to January’s) today
  • Posting the #3 Way To Sell More Using Social media next Tuesday
  • Announcing the winners of January’s $3,000 in prizes the Tuesday after that

Congratulations to Dale Underwood of Federal Appliance. He is the winner of $3,000 worth of Trigger Event Selling services. His ideas about Google alerts so he can comment on other peoples’ blogs and other people’s comments and his participation in IT equipment groups on LinkedIn are a great way to influence decision makers who use social media.

Stay tuned as next week I take $500 of the $1,500 left over from December’s prizes and add it to the first prize and create a second prize of $1,000 for January’s winners. To win all you need to do is have one of the two most popular answers to my question about the #3 Way to Sell More by Using Social Media.

Until there here the link to a recent article by Roger Demers of Microsoft Dynamics. that shows how you can you incorporate Trigger Event Prospecting into your daily activities.

The link provided is to a page on the Trigger Event Marketing page on Facebook because a number of readers have told me they can’t always get to links that point directly to a .pdf file.

If you prefer to access the .pdf file you can do that here.