Here are the names of the lucky winners of the eight tickets to The Art of Marketing – coming to Calgary on Monday June 14th:

  • Volker Mendritzki
  • Kashif Choudhry
  • Chuck Warnica
  • Nora Bouz
  • Kae Shummoogum
  • Berta Gomez

I took the names of all those who entered and created a random number generator, in Excel, to come up with the six winners above.

I then created a second random number generator to choose two of the six people from the list above as winners of a pair of tickets. The winners of a pair of tickets were Volker Mendritzki and Kae Shummoogum. Everyone else won a single ticket.

Winners can contact me by phone (+1.403.874.2998), Skype (Craig.Elias), email ([email protected]) or by using the contact form found at

So that’s eight tickets I’ve given away but I have one extra pair. Thursday morning I will send out a message via Twitter (CraigElias is my Twitter name) saying that I have two more tickets to give away and the first two people to phone my cell phone (+1.403.874.2998) and mention my favorite two words that are in that tweet will win those tickets.

If you don’t win it’s well worth the money to attend. Save $50 off the ticket price by registering here,

Here is a list of the speakers and a brief bio on each of them:

Chip Heath ” Strat egy and Communications
Chip Heath is the Thrive Foun da tion of Youth Pro fes sor of Orga ni za tional Behav ior in the Grad u ate School of Busi ness at Stan ford Uni ver sity. He is the co-author of the New York Times best seller book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Sur vive and Oth ers Die. Chip’s lat est book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, writ ten with his brother Dan, was released in Feb ru ary 2010 and is already a NY Times and Wall Street Jour nal best seller.

Sally Hogshead ” Per sua sion and Influence
Nine sec onds. That’s the length of the aver age atten tion span today. Just nine sec onds! Peo ple become dis tracted by the next prod uct, the next ad, the next option. How can you pos si bly hold your cus tomers’ inter est long enough shape their opin ion How can you break through the clut ter to nail your next sales call, or moti vate your inter nal team For that mat ter, how can you influ ence any decisions

Sir Ken Robin son ” Inno va tion and Cre ativ ity
Last month I fea tured Sir Ken’s inspir ing TED Talk in the blog. Sir Ken Robin son, PhD is an inter na tion ally rec og nized leader in the devel op ment of cre ativ ity, inno va tion and human resources. He has worked with gov ern ments in Europe, Asia and the USA, with inter na tional agen cies, For tune 500 com pa nies, and some of the world’s lead ing cul tural orga ni za tions. In 1998, he led a national com mis sion on cre ativ ity, edu ca tion and the econ omy for the UK Gov ern ment. ” All Our Futures: Cre ativ ity, Cul ture and Edu ca tion’ (The Robin son Report) was pub lished to wide acclaim in 1999.

Mitch Joel ” Dig i tal Mar ket ing and Social Media
When Google wanted to explain online mar ket ing to the top brands in the world, they brought Mitch Joel to the Google plex in Moun tain View, Cal i for nia. Mar ket ing Mag a zine dubbed him the “Rock Star of Dig i tal Mar ket ing” and called him, “one of North America’s lead ing dig i tal vision ar ies.” In 2006 he was named one of the most influ en tial author i ties on Blog Mar ket ing in the world. Mitch Joel is Pres i dent of Twist Image ” Canada’s best Dig i tal Mar ket ing and Com mu ni ca tions agency (Mar ket ing Magazine).

Gary Vayn er chuk ” Per sonal Brand ing in the New Media Land scape
Online mar ket ing trail blazer Gary Vayn er chuk is a 33-year-old entre pre neur whose dual iden tity as both busi ness guru and wine guy has made him known as the “Social Media Som me lier.” A self-trained wine expert, he rev o lu tion ized the wine indus try with his video blog, Wine Library TV (affec tion ately known as The Thun der Show), and grew his fam ily wine busi ness from $4 mil lion to $60 mil lion in five years. What raised Vaynerchuk’s noto ri ety even more than his busi ness acu men was his fore sight com bined with his pio neer ing, multi-faceted approach to per sonal brand ing and business.

Max Len der man ” Brand ing and Expe ri en tial Mar ket ing
Max Len der man is Exec u tive Cre ative Direc tor at GMR Mar ket ing, the largest expe ri en tial mar ket ing com pany in North Amer ica, where his work has won numer ous indus try recog ni tions, the lat est includ ing the 2009 Effie Award and the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Ex Awards. He pre vi ously founded and ran Gear w erx Expe ri en tial Mar ket ing, Canada’s pre mière expe ri en tial mar ket ing agency, with offices in Mon tréal and Toronto.

Have an EVENTFUL week!