Ever have a sale that started out strong only to have the customer decide not to buy from you or from a competitor What happened

Most ‘sure thing’ sales are lost because during your initial contact with the buyer you failed to help the buyer understand that you have a solution that can address their needs and are capable of delivering and supporting the solution and move them far enough down the path of buying from you to prevent them from calling your competition shortly after your initial contact.

If you don’t create path dependency by moving the buyer far enough down the path of buying from you and if the buyer does not trust in your ability to solve their problem and deliver AND support a solution at minimum risk to their credibility, then the buyer will start or keep searching for alternatives. Fail at First Call Effectiveness and you force buyers to do the unthinkable: call your competition.

The seventh chapter of SHiFT! is about how to identify which opportunities you are most likely to close and prevent decision makers from calling your competition.

Two actions you can take to benefit from First Call Effectiveness:

  1. Read our blog posts related to First Call Effectiveness
  2. Master the secrets of Trigger Event Selling

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