Flanking is Jerry Vass’ method for building relationships with decision makers who are in the buying mode of Status Quo.

Complete the form below to download the 12 pages from on Jerry Vass’ book Soft Selling in a Hard World that explains his flanking strategy.

The intent is to build a relationship with a decision maker in a non-selling manner so you:

  • Get called first when a Trigger Event makes then unhappy with their current solution/provider
  • Have the relationship credibility necessary for them to feel comfortable buying from you over all of your competition

Applying Jerry’s strategy has been my #1 resource to building relationships that result in sales. Imagine the ability to have a relationship with anyone you want. Especially those with MAI (Money, Authority, and Influence).

I guarantee the five minutes it takes to read about Jerry’s flanking strategy will one of the best investments you make in your sales career.

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