This post has two items:

  1. The continuation of our countdown of The Top Seven Ways to Sell More by Using Social Media, with a $2,000 prize.
  2. A link to the article that resulted in Harvey Schachter writing about Trigger Event Selling in this Monday’s Globe and Mail.

#5 Way to Sell More by Using Social Media

A wise female entrepreneur I know once commented on sales people, who were always in a hurry to get down to business, by saying

Hold my hand and take me to a dance before you take me to the altar.

She is not alone in her thinking. A large majority of decision makers choose who to buy from based upon an analysis of risk vs. credibility and the depth of your relationship with a decision maker is often the deciding factor on how much credibility you have.

The challenge most sales people have is how to start the relationship building process when decision makers are too busy to take, or return, their sales calls Jerry Vass’ ‘Flanking Strategy’ – start by adding value, in a non-selling way, and build a relationship from there – is one way to make this happen.

The #5 Way to Sell More by Using Social Media is to use it to start the relationship building process.

From a Trigger Event Selling perspective the best way, I have found, to do this is to use…


One of the reasons I joined Twitter was to start the relationship building process with decision makers who are looking for insights on how to enhance their organizations selling efforts.

The idea is to add value and build a relationship before a Trigger Event happens and they have a need for services like mine.

I typically Tweet, once or twice a week, about ideas, resources, or success stories on how to turn prospects into customers by harnessing Trigger Events.

I decided to combine Twitter with Social Oomph after I read the Lead Follow Up Research by MIT. The research shows the importance of following up with those who complete a web form, within five minutes!

The intent is to enhance the relationship building process, that begins when someone follows you on Twitter, do it in a value adding/non-selling manner AND do it as soon as you can after they following you.

It turns out that Social Oomph makes it incredibly simple to do that. One of the great features of Social Oomph is that you can automatically send a direct message to every new follower. One small word of warning. If you use Social ‘ vetting process – or anyone else’s. E.g. TrueTwit – the auto responder does not go out until you approve the follower. I had Social Oomph’s vetting turned on this morning which explains why I have 43 autorepsonder messages waiting to go out.

If you follow me on Twitter I have Social Oomph configured to automatically send you a direct message, that includes a link to access my best ideas on how to replicate your biggest sales wins.

This content is ONLY AVAILABLE TO MY TWITTER FOLLOWERS. I suggest you follow me so you can see the practice in action AND get access to a no-charge resource that can have a significant impact on your selling efforts.

Win $2,000 worth of Trigger Event services by submitting either a great example of, or great idea on, how to use Twitter, Social Oomph, or ANY other Twitter Application to sell more. To win the $2,000 prize you must get the most votes for your answer. This month there is also a second prize of $1,000 to the person who gets the second most votes for their answer.

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The Article That Harvey Schachter Liked

In the May of 2008 I submitted an article to Rain Today in the hopes it would be published on their site. In July of 2009 – over a year later – the Trigger Event of a change in people (the editor) resulted in a phone call and a request for permission to use my article the week of October 26th – this past week.

The article caught Harvey’s attention and last week he called to verify some information so he could write about the article in the Globe and Mail’s Monday Morning Manager. An online version of Harvey’s writing is available here.

The original article titled Shorten Sales Cycles by Harnessing Trigger Events is about a hypothetical sales person (Jed) who learns to vastly improve his prospecting activity by looking for and taking advantage of Trigger Events.

Have an EVENTFUL week!