The number two mistake sales people make is that, even when they get in front of highly motivated decision makers at EXACTLY the right time, they lose the sale because they fail to understand the decision maker placed them in the red zone of the credibility curve – below.


When prospects believe the risk of being your customer is greater that the your credibility you end up in the red zone, above your current place on the prospect’s credibility curve, which is highly likely to result in no sale!

Only when prospects believe your credibility to be greater than the risk of being your customer are you in the green zone, below your place in the prospects’ credibility curve, and therefore more likely to make the sale.

In order to win business you need to shift yourself as far as you can into the green zone of the credibility curve. This meas you need to, on your first call or visit with the decision maker, find ways to:

  • Lower a prospect’s perception of the risk of becoming your customer and
  • Increase their perception of your credibility

My question, to be answered by commenting below, is “What can you do to increase your likelihood of closing the same by reducing a buyer’s perception of risk and increase their perception of your credibility

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