See the very bottom of this page to learn how TriggerBuzz got started.

Do you have questions about how to TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS

Get them answered by participating in TriggerBuzz a Twitter powered conversation.

TriggerBuzz is held the first and last Tuesday of every month (6:00PM-6:30PM PST | 9:00PM – 9:30PM EST) so you can learn new things to get a healthy start for each month and have a strong close each month.


To participate you simply need to:

  • Follow TriggerBuzz
  • Submit your questions by sending a direct message by going to!/TriggerBuzz and using the message button or starting a Twitter message – aka Tweet – with @TriggerBuzz. E.g. @TriggerBuzz – Here is my prospecting question …
  • By following TriggerBuzz you will see the responses on Twitter and on your cell phone – if you clicked on the little cell phone icon next to the follow button to have tweets sent to you via text message to your phone.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Have or sign up for a Twitter account.
  2. Go to and click on the Follow button – We have SocialOomph configured to automatically follow you back.
  3. Click on the cell phone icon next to the Follow button to have tweets sent to your cell phone so you don’t have to be on your computer to receive TriggerBuzz tweets.
  4. You send questions by sending a Twitter message – aka Tweet – that starts with @TriggerBuzz or by going to!/TriggerBuzz and using the message button
  5. You contribute ideas, feedback, resources and success stories to the discussion by sending a Tweet that has #TriggerBuzz somewhere in your message

How to Participate

  1. TriggerBuzz happens the first and last Tuesday of every month from 9:00 to 9:30PM Eastern time.
  2. Questions are submitted by sending a direct message to @TriggerBuzz
  3. Each question will be asked by the moderator and will then be open for discussion by those monitoring or participating in the conversation
  4. Only questions on improving sales and marketing effectiveness will be forwarded to participants for ideas, feedback, resources, and success stories.
  5. To follow the conversation use TweetChat (instructions below). If you choose not to use TweetChat you can use the link q=TriggerBuzz and Twitter will alert you when new Tweets are posted by saying something like new messages near the top of the page.

TweetChat: The Coolest Twitter Discussion Tool

Use TweetChat to participate in the discussions. You need to use your Twitter name and password to login and then enter TriggerBuzz after the data entry field after the # sign and before Go button. TweetChat will automatically display all Tweets that contain the #TriggerBuzz tag. TweetChat is a really cool tool because once you are in the #TriggerBuzz chat it will automatically tag messages you post with the #TriggerBuzz tag.

Remember that you must use your the Twitter home page – – and use #TriggerBuzz in your message in order to send your ideas, feedback, resources, and success stories to those who are watching and participating in the discussion.

If you have any questions or suggestions for TriggerBuzz you can contact Craig Elias, the creator of Trigger Event Selling and pioneer of TriggerBuzz, by phone (North America: 866.744.7904 | International: +1.403.313.0412) text (+1403.874.2998) Skype (Craig.Elias), email ([email protected]) or this contact form.

How TriggerBuzz got started

On July 6, 2010 I had the chance to participate in the coolest use of social media I have ever experienced: Small Business Buzz. Months ago I subscribed to their tweets SBBUZZ and I have watched their weekly events via my iPhone but I never participated in a conversation until July when the topic was sales. Then I found myself contributing to the conversation and that got me thinking.

How can I do something similar so that so practitioners of Trigger Event Selling can have their questions answered by anyone who wants to participate and provide answers. That’s how TriggerBuzz got started.