After finally getting the SHiFT blog back up and running last week I had a number of phone calls and emails about two things:

  1. When is your next free teleseminar on Trigger Events
  2. Why does the email I get have links to past events.

1) The next free trigger event sales seminar “Six Ways to Outsell Your Competition” is Monday December 10th @ 10:00AM Pacific, 11:00AM Mountain, 1:00 Eastern. The registration link for this seminar can be found at

2) When the Feedblitz service send out notification of updates it automatically included links to previous posts under the heading of “Most Recent Articles”. Any reference to teleseminars in this section of the notices send out via Feedblitz will be from events that have probably already happened because they were posted several weeks ago.

Trigger Event Resources to Consider

Each week I scour the Internet searching for ideas, resources, articles, and success stories about leveraging Trigger Events to outsell the competition. This week the best resource I found is the article Identify The Compelling Event, By Gene Meskill

Please contact me when you have ideas, resources, or success stories about leveraging ” Trigger Events” – aka selling triggers – that you want to share.

Have an eventful week!