One of the biggest challenges in sales is to get your foot in the door and have that first meeting.

To make that challenge less daunting I have partnered with Jill Konrath and three other thought leaders on the teleseminar series Get Your Foot In The Door, that starts this Thursday.

The Get Your Foot In The Door series brings together the following thought leaders:

  • Selling to Big Companies expert Jill Konrath
  • Cold calling expert Leslie Buterin
  • Trigger Event expert Craig Elias
  • Lead Generation expert Marguerite McLeod-Fleming
  • Communications expert Mark Bowden

Sign up for each teleseminar individually. Or, for the best value, sign up for the entire series. All programs are recorded, so if you miss the event or want to listen to it again, you’ll be able to. You’ll be sent a link to download the audio after the session.

Individual teleseminars are $79

Save $117 by registering for all 4 Get Your Foot In The Door teleseminars

As a strong supporter of Jill’s work, and a speaker in the series, I am giving away 1 hour of my Trigger Event expertise to everyone who registers for the Get Your Foot In The Door series via the link Jill has created for me.

See all the details here.

Have an eventful week!