Top Sales Book of 2010

UPDATE: December 16, 2010 – SHiFT! Wins the Bronze Medal behind industry heavyweights Art Sobczak – Art discusses my Trigger Event Selling expertise and the Won Sales Analysis worksheet starting on page 40 of his book Smart Calling – and Jill Konrath – Jill has 8 pages about Trigger Events that starts on page 76 of her book SNAP Selling.

My Trigger Event Selling book SHiFT! is a finalist for the Top Sales Book of 2010.

The winner is selected based upon 50% popularity and 50% merit.

I think I have a strong case for winning the merit portion (originality & quality) and because I am up against two of the industry’s heavyweights (Art Sobczak and Jill Konrath), I am asking for assistance with the popularity portion.

Please vote here. If you are so inclined you can vote every day until Wednesday December 13th.

If you would like to read the book before you vote, you can access the preview chapters at

If you have an extra 30 seconds can you also vote for:

  • iSell by OneSource for what I think is by far the top sales 2.0 solution
  • Gerhard Gschwandtner for top sales personality
  • Active Conversion for top sales tool


Since I am at Dreamforce all week I have not had time to construct the scheduled post on the #5 Sales 2.0 tool.

Today I will be at looking for and tweeting on what I think are worthwhile Sales 2.0 tools. Follow the hashtag #infoshift to see what I find.

Next week I will resume the countdown of the top seven sales 2.0 tools with sales 2.0 tool #5.

Have an eventful week!