Window of Dissatisfaction™

The first chapter of  SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS is about a powerful selling window called the Window of Dissatisfaction™ (aka Window of Discontent).

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Research shows that you are five times more likely to close a sale when you have the right timing – getting in front of the right buyer at EXACTLY the right time.

To get the right timing you need to understand, be able to identify, and know how to capitalize on, a unique selling window called the Window of Dissatisfaction™.

Buying Modes

It does not matter what you sell or who you are selling to, buyers are always in one of three Buying Modes:

  1. Status Quo: Status Quo is when a potential buyer perceives their current product or service meets or exceeds their needs.
  2. Searching for Alternatives: Searching for Alternatives is when a buyer realizes their current product or service no longer meets their needs and are actively engaged in the process of searching for alternatives.
  3. Window of Dissatisfaction: A Window of Dissatisfaction exists between Status Quo and Searching for Alternatives – after the buyer realizes that their current product or service no longer meets their needs but before they have started the process of searching for alternatives.

Truly savvy sales professionals focus their efforts on getting to those who recently entered the Window of Dissatisfaction before the competition. One way to make this happen is to focus on the Trigger Events that shift buyers out of Status Quo into the Window of Dissatisfaction.

Three ways you can benefit from the Window of Dissatisfaction™:

  1. Read the page on the three types of Trigger Events to look for
  2. Download the preview chapters of SHiFT!
  3. Learn the secrets of Trigger Event Selling

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