The #6 mistake I see sales people and entrepreneurs make is selling to those who have a pain, or what I call a circumstance, INSTEAD OF focusing on those who recently experienced a Trigger Event, which makes solving that pain a high priority.

For example: Trying to convince the CEO of a small to mid-sized company to use your IT support services instead of having an employee – notice I said having an employee. Having what may be perceived to be an expensive employee is a pain/circumstance. Instead of focusing on the pain/circumstance look for the Trigger Events that make solving it a higher priority. One Trigger Event to focus on is when IT employees leave and companies look for a replacement. Now the CEO of a small to mid-sized company is 10 times more likely to consider an IT services company instead of hiring an employee – notice I said hiring an employee.

One way to learn of companies looking to hire an IT support person is to be notified by, when a IT support job is posted on any the popular job web sites.

My question, to be answered by commenting below, is “What unique methods or services do you use to find out when a Trigger Event has happened ”

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