The number three mistake sales people make is they ask for, and get, the wrong referrals – referrals to those who are still in the buying mode of Status Quo – when prospects perceive that the product or service from their current supplier meets or exceeds their needs and are unlikely to become your customer.

What you want are referrals to highly motivated decision makers who recently experienced a Trigger Event and are in the Window of Dissatisfaction.

Next time ask for a Trigger Event Referral – a referral to a highly motivated decision maker that is 10 times more likely to become your customer.

E.g. Instead of asking a current customer for a referral to someone they think might have interest in your products/services, ask those ‘in the know’ for a referral to someone they know recently experienced one of the Trigger Events that create highly motivated buyers for what you sell.

My question, to be answered by commenting below, is “What are the Trigger Events you should focus on when asking for Trigger Event Referrals AND who is most likely to be your best source of referrals because they are very often ‘in the know’ when these Trigger Events happen

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