Congratulations to Raj. He is April’s winner of $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Selling services.

His answer related to the #2 Mistake Sales People Make received the most votes, by the cut off date of April 13th.

Don’t’ miss the upcoming webinar “How to Increase Sales Using Marketing Automation to Capture Trigger Events” . In this webinar Fred Yee – the President of ActiveConversion – and I will talk about Trigger Events and how you can use Marketing Automation to turn then into sales.

Come back next week, as I continue the countdown of the top seven mistakes salespeople make with a perspective on  the #1 Mistake Sales People Make and make available $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Selling services to the person with the most votes for their answer to a related question.

Until then here is the link to a Trigger Event article by Pam Switzer. To identify the Trigger Events that create demand for what you sell, download the Won Sales Analysis template and instructions. Call me (403.874.2998) if you any questions about the template or how to use it.

Have an eventful week!