Trigger Event Selling Demographics on FacebookThe single most important factor to consider in using social media to sell more is to make sure your social media efforts are reaching your primary target market.

I say this because even the wrong activities focused on the right people are 10 times more effective than the right activities focused on the wrong people.

So who are the right people From a Trigger Event Selling perspective you ALWAYS want to focus on those people who have money and authority.

Those without money and the authority to spend it typically need to experience all three forms or a Trigger Event:

  1. Motivation Trigger Event: Now I want it
  2. Financial Trigger Event: I can now afford it
  3. Justification Trigger Event: I can now justify buying it

… which typically takes 3-12 months after the initial Motivation Trigger Event.

By focusing on those who have money and authority you only have wait for the Motivation Trigger Event – The event that makes them want to change.

So how can you be sure that your social media efforts are reaching your primary target market – those with money and authority


Yes Facebook and here is how. You create a Facebook page for your business and then use social media to promote your Facebook page. Once you have enough ‘fans’ you can see the demographics of those your social media efforts are reaching.

In my case, my ongoing Won Sales Analysis (aka Trigger Event Analysis ) tells me the decision makers with money and authority who are most likely to buy my services are men and women who are plus, or minus, 7.5 years my own age (47).

They have the money and the authority to spend it on the services I provide and based upon similarities in age and psychographics (aspirations, values and interests) they buy from me instead of my younger or older counterparts.

When I created a Facebook page for Trigger Event Selling and used social media to promote it, it took less than 24 hours for me to get over 250 fans. I was then able to view the demographics of the ‘fans’ of my Trigger Event Selling page by looking at the insights feature of my page.

In doing so I was able to validate that I am reaching my primary target (men and women who are +/- 7.5 years my own age). The image above shows the demographics of the Trigger Event Selling page on Facebook. Granted Facebook does demographics in 10 year intervals but even with 10 year intervals I can still confirm that I am reaching primary target market.

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