In my last post, The #3 Way to Sell More by Using Social Media, I showed how you can sell more by using a free service called AddThis to make it more convenient and therefore more likely that viewers will share your content.

In that post I offered $3,000 worth of Trigger Event Selling services to the person who provided either the most popular example of ,or idea on, how to sell more by using sharing tools.

Carla Young is this month’s winner by sharing with us a second way to maximize word of mouth by using a content sharing service and getting the most votes for her idea.

In her comment Carla mentions “Sharing links through social media is just one of 5 key strategies for increasing your social media exposure!” I’m going to reach out to Carla and see if I can get her to write a guest post explaining the the other 4 strategies.

In her comment Carla also mentions that “social media tools maximize word of mouth”. It”s a well known fact that the #1 way to grow business is through word of mouth. One of the beauties of Social Media is it’s like word of mouth on steroids.

Traditional word of mouth is when, as the saying goes, you tell two people and they tell two people and so on and on and so on. Social word of mouth is when you tell a thousand people and they tell a thousand people and so on and so on and so on. It doesn’t take long and that becomes a really big number. Just look at the over 100 Million people that have seen Susan Boyle’s videos on YouTube.

Stay tuned as next week I announce the #2 Way to Sell More by Using Social Media.

In the mean time have a look at the Seven Steps to Word of Mouth Success by Joe Cullinane.

Have an eventful week!