Good Luck

Congratulations to Richard Goddey. He won $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Selling , services by getting the most votes for his answer to April’s question about how you can use TweetDeck to sell more.

My apologies for taking not announcing April’s winner sooner. I took a 6 week hiatus from blogging to complete the manuscript for my upcoming book with Tibor Shanto SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS.”

Now the book has been completed and I have reached #1 of the top seven ways to sell more by using social media, next week I will begin counting down the top seven Sales 2.0 tools – from a Trigger Event Selling perspective.

In the fast few weeks I have fielded a number of questions about Trigger Event Marketing & how to market using knowledge of Trigger Events.

Here are three resources that I recommend:

  1. The Trigger Event Marketing page on Facebook that has some excellent examples and resources
  2. Pulling the Trigger on Trigger Marketing: Best Buy and Discover Show How it’s Done by Jeff Zabin
  3. Keys to Trigger Based Email Marketing by Michael Thompson

Speaking of marketing, I am giving way eight tickets to The Art of Marketing in Calgary on June 14th. Complete the form found at for your chance to win one of two pairs of tickets or one of the four individual tickets.

Next Tuesday I’ll start my list of the top Sales 2.0 tools and give away $1,500 to the person who gets the most votes for their answer to the question “How can you use the #7 Sales 2.0 sales tool to sell more ”

Until then … good luck have an eventful week!