This blog post contains two items:

  1. The #6 Sales 2.0 tool – Feedblitz
  2. TriggerBuzz #3 – How to get your prospecting questions answered
  3. $1,500 give away – Free advice, speaking, training or coaching

The #6 Sales 2.0 tool

This is the second month of my countdown towards the #1 Sales 2.0 tool. Each month I feature a tool I think makes it easier for sales people and organizations to harness the Trigger Events that TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS and invite the over 4,200 subscribers of this blog to provide ideas on ways to use each months tool and get votes for their ideas.

The person with the most votes by 12:10AM on the last Tuesday of the month wins $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Selling services (advice, training, speaking, or coaching). Details of the $1,500 giveaway can be found at

This month’s tool – #6 in my countdown – is FeedBlitz. Feedblitz allows you to monitor any web page (aka URL) and to be notified a number of different ways when the content of that web page changes.

The list of ways you can be notified by includes email, Skype, Twitter (Direct message and post for your followers to see), Facebook Wall Post and LinkedIn Status Update.

All you have to do is:

  • Provide the URL you want watched
  • Enter your email address (so they can create an account for you if it’s your first time or add the URL to your subscription list if you are a repeat users)
  • Select the notification method
  • Enter the characters of the spam preventer image
  • Click on the subscribe button

See below for this months questions and details on how you can win the $1,500 giveaway.

TriggerBuzz #3

Today – Tuesday November 2nd – from 9:00PM-9:30PM Eastern (6:00PM-6:30PM Pacific) is the third edition of TriggerBuzz.

Get your prospecting questions answered by following @TriggerBuzz on Twitter. To submit your questions, once I follow you back, you need to send a direct message to @TriggerBuzz.

Details and instructions can be found at

$1,500 Give Away

I am giving away $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services (advice, speaking, training, or coaching) to the person with the most popular answer to a question I ask.

This month’s question is what are types of web pages are the best ones to watch via FeedBlitz, or any other web page monitoring tool when attempting to reach decision makers at EXACTLY the right time.

Win $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services by submitting either a great example of, or great idea on, how to use IntroMojo or a similar service to sell more. To win the $1,500 prize you must get the most votes for your answer.

Answers are submitted by commenting on this blog post. Answers are voted on by clicking on the button that appears at the end of each answer/comment.

Winners are announced the last Tuesday of the month – November 30th – so voting ends at Midnight (MST) on Monday November 29th.

Answers/comments need to be approved – to avoid spam – which typically takes just a few minutes. Contact me by phone (+1.403.874.2998), Skype (Craig.Elias), or this contact form, if you don’t see your comment approved within a few minutes of posting it.

Use the button below to Tweet , Stumble!, Digg, and email your friends so you get the most votes, because the voting system I use does not allow you to vote for your own answers.

Have an eventful week!