This blog post is about three things:

  1. The #4 Sales 2.0 Tool – Lattice Engines
  2. The next two webinars – First one on January 25th
  3. Trigger Buzz #6 – Tonight: Customer retention

In my last blog post I gave what I think are the top 3 questions to ask a prospect when they complete a web form. E.g. a self-serve pricing form powered by my #5 Sales 2.0 tool EchoQuote.

That blog post was a personal learning ‘event’ – I now know that I should provide my answers to the questions asked each month not just solicit answers from the almost 6,500 readers of this blog.

So from this point forward, my blog post on the last Tuesday of the month will include my perspective on the question of the month.

The #4 Sales 2.0 Tool

My pick for the #4 Sales 2.0 tool is Lattice Engines.

Lattice Engines is a predictive sales intelligence tool that analyzes past purchases by your customers to predict which ones are most likely to buy next.

Lattice Engines helps organizations not lose sight of those existing customers, who are highly likely to buy in the near future, while allowing organizations to focus more resources on new customer acquisition.

It’s best suited for organizations that sell:

  • Numerous products or services,
  • Where sales people sell to many accounts,
  • In the SMB market.

Win $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services by suggesting the situations where Lattice Engines can be of most value to an organization. To win the $1,500 prize you must get the most votes for your answer.

Answers are submitted by commenting on this blog post. Answers are voted on by clicking on the button that appears at the end of each answer/comment.

Winners are announced the last Tuesday of the month – January 25th – so voting ends at Midnight (MST) on Monday January 24th.

Answers/comments need to be approved to avoid spam which typically takes just a few minutes. Contact me by phone (+1.403.874.2998), Skype (Craig.Elias), or this contact form, if you don’t see your comment approved within a few minutes of posting it.

Use the “Share” button below to Tweet , Stumble!, Digg, and email your friends so you get the most votes, because the voting system I use does not allow you to vote for your own answers.

Next Two Webinars

January 25th (9:00AM PST | 12:00PM EST) is the next in a series of webinars with OneSource – the providers of iSell: The gold medal winner of the top Sales 2.0 tools of 2010. iSell by OneSource is my favourite supplier of Trigger Event alerts. One of the reasons it’s my favourite is that its more than an aggregator of news and social media information. It also proactively monitors over 300,000 company web sites to see what has recently been added or removed. The second speaker will be finalized later this week.

February 8th (9:00AM PST | 12:00PM EST) Lattice Engines will host a webinar with a special guest from the CRM industry and myself. This webinar will share insights on how to effectively sell into the SMB Market.

I’m currently working on getting all future webinars listed at which should be completed by this weekend.

Trigger Buzz #6 – Customer Retention

As a result of numerous requests, tonight’s Trigger Buzz will be focused on how to KEEP YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS.

What are the Trigger Events that cause customers to leave and what can organizations do to prevent or mitigate these Trigger Events in order to grow faster.

Follow TriggerBuzz on Twitter and once I follow you back you can submit your questions by sending a direct message to @TriggerBuzz

Details on TriggerBuzz and how it works can be found at

Have an eventful week!