Social Networking SitesThere has been a ton of hype about why everyone should be using Social Media and Sales 2.0 tools to sell more. What I think is lacking is ideas and examples on how everyone could be using social media and sales 2.0 tools to sell more .

I believe that using social media is one way to harness the Trigger Events that turn prospects into customers so I’m going to list what I believe are the “Top Seven Ways to Sell More Using Social Media”.

As I did with the Top Seven Mistakes That Sales People Make, I’ll be going this David Letterman style – Starting with #7 and working my way to #1. Once this list is done I’ll be doing the list of Top Seven Ways to Sell More Using Sales 2.0 Tools.

The intent of making this list is not to tell you how social media can make a difference but to have you start “seeing” the different ways that Trigger Events combined with social media can TURN MORE PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS.

So starting next Tuesday and then the first Tuesday of every month I’ll post one of the Top Seven Ways To Use Social Media To Sell More.

Every post will offer readers the opportunity to win $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services by submitting either a great example of, or great idea on, using the social media I list to harness Trigger Events and turn prospects into customers.

The last Tuesday of every month I’ll announce the winner of the $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Services.

So if you have a sales team that you want to benefit from Trigger Event Selling but you don’t have the budget at this time, get members of your sales team to submit ideas and then get votes for their submissions.

Submissions are voted on by clicking on the Top Seven Mistakes in Sales Voting Button - Trigger Event Selling button that appears at the end of each submission.

I suggest people Tweet, Stumble!, Digg, and email their friends and co-workers because the voting system I use does not allow anyone to vote for their own answers.

Have an EVENTFUL week!