This blog post has three items:

  1. The #7 Sales 2.0 tool: IntroMojo
  2. Another $1,500 give away
  3. The inaugural TriggerBuzz event

The #7 Sales 2.0 tool

In my last blog post I asked for tools that should be considered for list of top seven Sales 2.0 tools. One of the tools suggested was IntroMojo. The value of IntroMojo can be summed up in one word ‘Rapport’: The ability to have something in common with a decision maker you have never spoken to before, so you can start the relationship building process.

The Trigger Event book SHiFT! has an entire chapter on how get called first when a decision maker experiences a Trigger Event and starts the process of Searching for Alternatives. In that chapter we talk about the need for a “Psychographic Fit”: Having the similar interests, values, or aspirations as a decision maker. The challenge is how do you know the interests, values, and aspirations of a decision maker y0u have never talked to

That’s were IntroMojo comes to the rescue. The brainchild of Daniel Waldschmidt and Colin A Martin, it allows you to:

  1. Identify the right people with the names you are looking for. IntroMojo asks you a few simple questions to help you zoom in from a name to the person you need to engage with. Things like location, company, job title, industry are all clues that IntroMojo presents in helping you find the person that you want to reach.
  2. Learn all about them. Learn a decision makers background, education, and work experience. More importantly you can learn what your prospect is talking about, what books, videos, and music they enjoy, and what they like. You find out who they’re friends with, what videos and blogs they are writing, and where they engage on the web.
  3. Stay informed about what they are doing. Each time you need to engage a decision maker, check IntroMojo and it will serve up the most recent information on them. It’s new each day you check so your sales pitch can stay relevant.

$1,500 Give Away

Just like my series of posts on the Top 7 Social Medial Tools and Top 7 Sales Mistakes each month I am giving away $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services (trigger event coaching, trigger event advice, or trigger event training) to the person with the most popular answer to a question I ask.

This month’s question is how can you use IntroMojo or something similar to start building relationships with decision makers. Win $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services by submitting either a great example of, or great idea on, how to use IntroMojo or a similar service to sell more. To win the $1,500 prize you must get the most votes for your answer.

Answers are submitted by commenting on this blog post. Answers are voted on by clicking on the button that appears at the end of each answer/comment.

Winners are announced the last Tuesday of the month – October 26rh – so voting ends at Midnight (MST) on Monday October 25th.

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