This blog post is about three things:

  • Art – A webinar with Art Sobczak
  • Action – The second of two podcasts about selling to the C-Suite
  • Alignment – Seven strategies for sales and marketing alignment


Art Sobczak (the Gold medal winner of the Top Sales Books of 2010 ), Steve Connolly (Senior Product Manager for OneSource (the Gold medal winner of the Top Sales 2.0 Solutions of 2010) and myself (Bronze medal winner of the Top Sales Books of 2010) join forces to share the “GOLDEN SALES STRATEGIES of Top Sales Performers”.

In this ‘real time selling’ event we will look at three Trigger Events that happen the day of the event and share how you can use them to sell a number of different solutions.

When you register be sure to select your industry. The three industries with the most registrants will be the ones we apply the ‘real-time’ Trigger Events to.

Date: Tuesday May 24th at 11:00AM PST | 2:00PM EST

Speakers: Art Sobczak, Steve Connolly & Craig Elias


Register even if you can’t make the live event because all registrants will receive links to the recording and handout from the event.

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Below is my 2nd podcast with Steve Bistritz the author of Selling to the C-Suite.

In this podcast we talk about value and what makes executives buy.

We also talk about the power of:

  • Establishing rapport and a connection with executives
  • Understanding an executives aspirations, value, and interests
  • Working with those who will have money, authority, and influence not just those who have it now



In the past two years months I have created three different top 7 lists:

For the next seven months I will write about sales and marketing alignment (aka smarketing).

On the last Tuesday of May and will focus on why sales and marketing alignment is so important.

My first post – the #7 Smarketing Strategy – will be published the first Tuesday of June.

I would like to include some success stories in that post so if you have a smarketing success story you would like to share with the 8,000+ readers of this blog post please contact me via phone (+1.403.874.2998 or 866.744.7904), Skype (Craig.Elias), email ([email protected]) or using this contact form.