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Complete the form below to request a no-charge copy of the award-winning sales book SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events That TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS. In sales timing is everything! When you get to highly motivated decision makers at EXACTLY the right time the sale almost happens by itself. By luck or sheer numbers you’ve had Read More


This page contains links to some of the articles I have written. How to Sell More by Being a Buyer’s Emotional Favorite This is the article that started it all. It’s an article on how to be the sales person a buyer is most likely to buy from. You will find this article at the Read More

Window of Dissatisfaction

You are five times more likely to win the sale (74% vs 16%) when you are the first vendor to reach decision makers who recently entered the Window of Dissatisfaction The Window of Dissatisfaction exists after a decision maker realizes that their current product or service no longer meets their needs but before they have Read More

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