The Science of Trigger Events

In the search for resources that provide different perspectives on ‘Trigger Events’ I discovered the the work of R.J. Rummel. In chapter 15 of “Understanding Conflict and War Vol. 1: The Dynamic Psychological Field“, R.J. Rummel does a great job explaining some of the science behind ‘Trigger Events’. See section 15.4 for the details on Read More

The Trigger Event Selling Book

Reach recently motivated decision makers before your competition and your odds of making the sale are up to 74%. By luck or sheer numbers, you’ve reached motivated decision makers who returned your voicemails, decided fast, paid a higher price and were willing to be a reference or provide a testimonial. We can show you how Read More

Craig Elias Twice chosen as the #15 B2B Sales Expert in the world (#1 in Canada) by LinkedIn , Craig Elias is the creator of Trigger Event Selling and and the Chief Catalyst at Shift Selling, Inc. For almost 20 years, Craig used Trigger Event strategies to become a top sales performer at EVERY company Read More

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