The #4 Mistake Sales People Make

The number four mistake sales people make is believing that sales are won based upon on logic – like return on investment (ROI) calculations – not emotion. The first seller a decision maker contacts, after they experience a Trigger Event that makes them a highly motivated buyer, is five times more likely to win the Read More

$1,500 in FREE Training and Selling With Emotion

Congratulations to Bill Morgan of Segula Technologies. He won $1,500 worth of free Trigger Event sales training by having the most votes for his answer to my question related to the #6 mistake sales people make. Next week I will post the #5 mistake sales people make and award another $1,500 worth of Trigger Event Read More

How to Find the Best ‘Trigger Events’ For What You Sell

In previous posts – Back on Track … Finally! & What’s The Big Deal About Trigger Events – I described how to increase close ratios, shorten sales cycles, and increase margins by getting to buyers when they are in the ‘Window of Dissatisfaction’ and the three types of Trigger Event’s that put buyers into the Read More

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