Buzz, Biz & Best

This blog post has three items: The coolest use of social media I have ever experienced The recording of the webinar 5 Ways to Close Deals Faster My countdown of the top seven Sales 2.0 tools Buzz: The Coolest use of Social Media Back in July I had the chance to participate in the coolest Read More

And Then There Were Ten

Here are the names of the lucky winners of the eight tickets to The Art of Marketing – coming to Calgary on Monday June 14th: Volker Mendritzki Kashif Choudhry Chuck Warnica Nora Bouz Kae Shummoogum Berta Gomez I took the names of all those who entered and created a random number generator, in Excel, to Read More

And The Cupboard Was Bare

In my last post The #5 Way to Sell More by Using Social Media I gave an example how you can sell more by using the social media application Twitter. In that post I offered $2,000 worth of services to the person who provided either the most popular example of ,or idea on, how to Read More

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