4 Winning Questions & Keith Ferrazzi

This blog post is about three things: The four best winning questions My webinar with Keith Ferrazzi Trigger Buzz#9: Tonight @ 6:00PM PST – Closing 4 Winning Questions In my last blog post I introduced what I thought was the #3 Sales 2.0 tool (Survey Analytics) and asked what kind of analysis provides the most Read More

The #5 Mistake Sales People Make

The #5 mistake I see sales people and entrepreneurs make is either not analyzing their sales or doing a ‘Lost Sales Analysis’ INSTEAD OF conducting a ‘Won Sales Analysis’. Here is something I find interesting. If you use Google to search for the term sales analysis – by using quotes around the words “sales analysis” Read More

How to Find the Best ‘Trigger Events’ For What You Sell

In previous posts – Back on Track … Finally! & What’s The Big Deal About Trigger Events – I described how to increase close ratios, shorten sales cycles, and increase margins by getting to buyers when they are in the ‘Window of Dissatisfaction’ and the three types of Trigger Event’s that put buyers into the Read More

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