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This blog post has three items: The coolest use of social media I have ever experienced The recording of the webinar 5 Ways to Close Deals Faster My countdown of the top seven Sales 2.0 tools Buzz: The Coolest use of Social Media Back in July I had the chance to participate in the coolest Read More

The #1 Mistake Sales People Make

The number one mistake sales people make is… they make it too hard to become a customer. Think of all the sales opportunities that started out strong only to have the prospect decide to stay with their current supplier. The #1 reason they stayed with their current supplier is: it was not worth the effort Read More

no-charge company data …

One of the Sales 2.0 services I am a real believer in is JigSaw. “Trigger Events tell you when to talk to buyers, Jigsaw will tell you which buyers to talk to.” With their new open data initiative you can download complete and accurate company records in seconds, at no charge. Below are some popular Read More

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